4 Signs That He is No Longer Interested in the Relationship

Getting dumped by someone you love and see a future with is often devastating.

In most instances, men are good at hiding their emotions and will not bring up relationship issues first especially when he over it. Women on the other end are caught up in the bliss of the relationship that they may overlook the signs, which hurts them a lot when the relationship ends unexpectedly.

It is important to note that the breaks up signs are always and even if the guy does not utter it, you can see a change in their behavior.

There are so many signs he wants to break up, but I will explore the main four indicators that a breakup is likely to occur.

Once you see some of these red signals, it is up to you to decide whether you can address the issues in the relationship before it’s too late or you can let the relationship, before he does it to you.

Here are 4 signs that he want’s to break up:

When he becomes physically and emotionally unavailable

The first sign he wants to break up is that he shows distancing behavior. Physical distancing, for example, includes when he stops making time for you and all over sudden he wants to avoid doing the things couple do such as watching a television show or movie together.

Emotional distancing is subtle but an adamant sign that things are not good in the relationship. For instance, if you can’t remember the last time he articulated that he love you or used a pet name on you that is an indicator something is wrong. Also, when he suddenly stops talking about plans such as marriage and kids, it means he sees a future without you.

Other emotional distancing includes lack of eye contact during communications and a different voice tone. All these indicators show that his emotional investment in the relationship is depreciating.

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When he suddenly alters his daily routine

Another obvious sign he wants to break up is when out of the blue, he changes his routine to devote just a little time to you. For instance, in the past, he was always eager to leave work to be with you, but now he is working endlessly until morning hours.

Secondly, he may start to hang out with new friends consisting of hard-core party boys that will have him painting the town red even on a weekday. It’s healthy for your man to have a guy’s night out once in awhile but when it becomes a regular occurrence with him going without letting you know is a sign he wants a break-up.

More and more frequent quarrels

Even though constant arguing is unhealthy in a relationship, one should not be happy when daily fights reduce out of the blue. This is because a sudden drop of arguments means that he is no longer emotionally invested in the relationship.

In the past, he would get angry whenever you flirted with other men; but, now it does even seem to get on his nerve.

Also, the opposite is also a red flag. Most men do not like to be labeled as the ‘bad person’ in the relationship and will always start petty arguments in an attempt to push their partner’s buttons so that they may do or say something that will portray them as evil.

Then the man may take advantage of your negative actions or words and claim that they want out of the relationship. For this reason, one should take a keen note when he starts bringing up petty quarrels that have no logical sense.

Sudden decrease in physical intimacy

Intimacy level in a relationship is significant as it reveals the strength of the couple’s romantic connection. So when he stops cuddling, massaging and foreplay, it means that he is no longer interested in you.

It is nice to note that after sometime bedroom routine will start changing for several reasons; however, when he stops making advances altogether, it’s an indicator that something is not right.

What is even worse is when you make the advance, and he rejects you. Rejecting a man’s advance is typically used by ladies to maintain control in their relationship; however, when the man is not showing he is attracted physically, it is because he has lost interest or is cheating on you. This is one of the easiest in our list of signs that he wants to break up.

Because the love chemical is so dominant it is easy to miss these signals in a romantic relationship.

Marla Rondo

Marla writes about relationship help topics. Marla lives in Bend, OR and enjoys hiking and reading.

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