Do You Think Your Husband Hates You?

It’s painful to think that your husband may actually hate you. After all, his is the first face you see in the morning, and the last before you go to sleep. When he seems to think badly of you every single day, it can be an uncomfortable experience, to say the least.

But does he really hate you? Or is he stressed out at work, or feeling inadequate about something?

If your husband shows the following signs, it’s possible your husband hates you or at least doesn’t love you very much anymore.

He ignores you.

Every time your husband comes home, he walks past you without even saying “Hi.” If you try to talk to him, he can only spare you a grunt or snort. Granted, there are things that even spouses shouldn’t share with each other, but for him to do that to you every single time? That’s not fair.

Also, he seems to be making more and more decisions without your input lately. Whether it’s because he thinks you’ll contradict/upset him, or he thinks you don’t have anything valuable to say at all, that’s not a good sign.

He belittles you.

It’s hard to tell him about things that make you feel great, because he shoots you down every time.

Get promoted at work, and he’ll respond with “Yeah? I’ll bet anyone in your place could’ve done it.” Show him an art piece you worked on for hours, and he’ll dismiss you with “Couldn’t you have done something more productive?” Offer a good idea on how to fix the roof that’s been leaking for months, and he’ll say “Whatever. Let’s just go with my idea.”

He doesn’t joke as much as he used to.

Remember that time you made him snort his drink with laughter? Well, those times are past now. These days, whenever you try to turn his frown upside down, he’ll get upset and say “Cut it out. Do you think you’re actually being funny? Even that lame YouTube video I saw the other day was funnier than you.”

He sabotages you.

If he cares about you, he should do what he can to support you. But if he refuses to offer any sort of support, and actively puts a damper on your efforts to move forward despite his lack of support, something is definitely wrong.

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He blames you for everything.

The TV won’t turn on? You didn’t call the handyman early enough. The kids cry all night? You didn’t raise them well enough. The financial markets crashed, along with the stock he bought? Heaven forbid if you had nothing to do with it somehow. No matter what you do for him, it never seems to be enough.

He shows signs of cheating.

He smells of someone else’s perfume every night. He flies into a rage whenever you check his phone or computer. He’s more aggressive in bed than usual, because he’s overcompensating for the guilt he feels over his cheating. He criticizes your appearance every single time, because he’s subconsciously comparing you to his other lover. Now that he’s got someone else in line, he thinks it’s perfectly okay to treat you — the person he exchanged wedding vows with — like someone who’s not even worth a shred of respect.

He loves everyone in the house — except you.

He’s not always nasty, though. He tucks your kids in bed, walks your dog every morning, and makes it a point to water the plants regularly. So why can’t he shower you with the same sort of affection?

He no longer makes any sort of effort for you.

He never remembers important dates. He leaves you in the lurch whenever you’re in trouble. And he can’t help you with the simplest things. It’s like he’s mentally checked out, like you’re not even a couple anymore.

No one should ever have to endure any of these, least of all from their spouse. If your husband displays any of the signs above, talk it out with a counselor, remember to care for yourself, and plan your exit strategy when all else fails.

Marla Rondo

Marla writes about relationship help topics. Marla lives in Bend, OR and enjoys hiking and reading.

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