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4 Signs That He is No Longer Interested in the Relationship

Getting dumped by someone you love and see a future with is often devastating.

In most instances, men are good at hiding their emotions and will not bring up relationship issues first especially when he over it. Women on the other end are caught up in the bliss of the relationship that they may overlook the signs, which hurts them a lot when the relationship ends unexpectedly.

It is important to note that the breaks up signs are always and even if the guy does not utter it, you can see a change in their behavior.

There are so many signs he wants to break up, but I will explore the main four indicators that a breakup is likely to occur.

Once you see some of these red signals, it is up to you to decide whether you can address the issues in the relationship before it’s too late or you can let the relationship, before he does it to you.

Here are 4 signs that he want’s to break up:

When he becomes physically and emotionally unavailable

The first sign he wants to break up is that he shows distancing behavior. Physical distancing, for example, includes when he stops making time for you and all over sudden he wants to avoid doing the things couple do such as watching a television show or movie together. Continue reading